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League of Legends – Tutorial [Nederlands / Dutch]

Bedankt dat je kijkt naar de video's van Auwned. Op dit kanaal vindt je gameplays, sketches, letsplays en meer. Ik speel veel Minecraft en...

The One Trick, One Trick! – Stream Highlights

It seems as if I'm not only a Shaco one trick, at times I do only one trick. Enjoy many of these plays, as...

How to dodge skillshots Lol Quick tips

Lol tips 2016 dodging skillshots: Dodging skillshots by sidestepping is something that a lot of players have a hard time doing. In this short...

How to kite in League of Legends

Lol Kiting guide for lol 2016: Kiting in league as an attack damage carry (ADC) is an important tool in League of Legends as...

Jungling guide for beginners – League of Legends

Here's a a basic jungle guide for season 6 in Lol for new players. I hope this helps you out as jungling can be...

Let’s improve Farming in League of Legends

his short video is about a very important component of LOL that is often overlooked by new players and that is farming. A creep...

Champions for beginners – League of Legends

Beginner champs and low Elo champions: This is a quick video to help pick easy champions for those of you who are new to...

League of Legends beginner’s guide

This is a tutorial on how to play LOL for beginners, hopefully with this video that will help new players. We will try to...

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